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UK under Snow

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Thanks to NASA for this amazing picture of the UK taken recently from space.

NASA original


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Recently visited Stonehenge with visiting relatives, but this gave us a chance to visit Avebury rings as well. Just as impressive in a subtly different way, because although they are set out differently and not as large this circle can be walked around and because of that it does give you a much improved experience. Put in place around 2600BC it is incredible to think that anyone could have placed these stones here.

“We stayed 3 nights at Langton House and very much enjoyed our stay: the room was large, comfortable, equipped with everything we needed, and sensitively decorated.  The kitchen on the same landing was much appreciated and the space and facilities to bring food back and eat at a breakfast bar there was unusual and very useful. The hosts were excellent: friendly and interested but discrete too. The situation is also really good: car parking by the house so close to the centre of Windsor was a boon and walking into all the places on offer in the town took less than 10 minutes! We liked the key pad entry to the house too…no key to lose!
Would definitely use it again.”
 Andrew Oct 2012

We had the great pleasure of having the Clear family and extended family and friends staying for a week whilst the Olympic Kayaking events were on at Eton Dorney Rowing lake. Their son – Jacob Clear – was in the mens 4 and won a Gold medal. Congratulations from us all – what an amazing achievement to gain a medal let alone a Gold!

We had such a laugh with the Clear family and enjoyed having them stay with us

We took some friends here at the weekend for one of our rare nights out. This restaurant has not long been open but is run by a local restaurateur who really knows how to run an establishment and knows a thing or two about decent customer service.
We had a small mezze selection as starters – in particular I loved the Pastilla (a very traditional Moroccan dish) and the Merguez (spicy sausage).
Mains were the wonderful Tagines which were all done to perfection with the group having both the lamb and chicken.
Threw it all down with a few glasses of wine and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an evening.
We definitely have Meimo on our list for a return trip! Try it – you will not be disappointed.

Just had a run out around the rowing lake and security has been tightened up. The people guarding the facility are now all Army soldiers instead of the private firm that was there last week.
The Cycle Route 4 – which follows the rowing lake to one side – is mainly closed to the public with diversions in place for any cyclists.
With just a couple of days to go it is definitely hotting up!

One of our guests was a recent Olympic Torch Bearer! Unfortunately he was from the USA and had already sent the torch home!

Just to prove that we ALSO have great weather in the UK, this picture taken by NASA in May 2012 shows just how lovely it can get here!

England from space

I could not bear to watch Teflon Tony at work in the The Leveson Inquiry yesterday…. I think he dragged us into a few wars that had very little to do with us and more to do with his personal reputation in the world.
He has made the UK punch far above its weight in the world and for what? So he can go earning big money around the USA and put millions of pounds through his various companies as expenses and get away with a pathetic tax bill – so very un-Labour like!

I don’t like the man and don’t appreciate how he left our country when he left power.

Hopefully the truth will come out about him in due course and the world will see him for the person he really is.

“We were very comfortable at Langton House; your facilities are excellent. Breakfast was great and I wish more guesthouses/B&B’s provided a little kitchen like  yours which is perfect for longer stays. Thank you.”

Kind regards


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